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Can't find your ideal mineral? Did your item sell out? Looking for wholesale? Want to commission a wire wrap? Other general questions?

Please feel free to contact us anytime - 24/7 - to inquire about obtaining your perfect piece from our collection and/or local suppliers. We are happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Looking forward to working together soon!


As a spiritual mentor I use crystals to aide me in healing, guiding, and protecting my space and my clients. They are a crucial element to my sacred work, when I saw my package I could FEEL the energy bursting from it. Not only were my chosen crystals impeccable, they came with gifts I didn’t even order. There is light and love that comes from EverAscendingLight that is sure to speak to anyone who purchases.

They have a forever customer with Warm Winters Wellness!

Jahaira Nieto ❤️💫 CEO of Warm Winters Wellness

Blake (EverAcsencingLight) is the man!! Best customer service around, always responds very quickly super fast feedback, shipping ALWAYS comes on time or early. He shows a ton of support for the art community and is truly a gold soul. Not to mention, every time I have ordered something he sends with a bunch of free gifts! Nothing but good things to say!

Thank you a million!

Oliver Nilsson, Artist & Owner @Twisted.Talismans

I've been following and purchasing from Blake at Everascendinglight for over 2 years now. His shop always carries some of the nicest wares around and he really goes the extra mile for his customers. Every piece I've personally purchased from him has brought happiness to my life and lifted me. He even offered kind words when I went through my surgery a few months ago. You couldn't find a nicer guy if you tried. If you are looking for just another shop to buy from, look elsewhere, because here you get so much more. 

Cas H  @Radioactive.Lotus

Always a huge pleasure buying from and interacting with Blake!

He is the sweetest soul ever, and he imparts that wonderful energy into all of his treasures he sells! If you are hesitant to ask questions about anything, don't be!! Blake is so helpful and can work with any budget! The packages arrive very quickly and are clearly packaged with love!! Every package comes with wonderful surprises also! One of the best crystal sellers out there in my opinion! Rest assured Blake's got your back when it comes to any of your metaphysical needs! He's made a customer and pal for life with me! :)

Brianna Giles

I live on the other side of the Atlantic, and I feel really lucky to have connected with such beautiful Soul. 

His crystals are always charged with high vibes and unconditional love; that's why is always a blessing when his treasures appear on my mailbox. Everascendinglight truly believes in compassion and kindness. Ive seen him helping a lot of people, including myself, and I believe this is his ultimate goal, over making money or grow his business. I encourage everyone to meet this Soul and delight yourselves with his beautiful crystals.

Maria from Spain